Regulatory Compliance

When it comes to regulatory compliance it is important to work with a consulting firm that is trusted by the regulators. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the EA (Environment Agency) and SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) know us and trust us, so much so that they have commissioned D3 Consulting to write the Offshore Decommissioning Waste Management Guidelines. 

Further information on our approach is available below. If you’d rather discuss your requirements with on of the team, please do call the office on +44 (0)1803 840888.

Developing a regulatory compliance programme

For complex demolition, decommissioning and site closure projects, having a robust regulatory compliance programme is key to success. At D3 Consulting we provide a range of regulatory support services including:

  • CDM Principal Designer to ensure compliance with CDM 2015
  • Waste and Materials Assurance in accordance with Waste Framework Directive and Duty of Care
  • PPC Permit surrender for Scotland and Environmental Permits surrender for England and Wales
  • Regulatory Reporting and Liaison throughout the decommissioning cycle

D3 Consulting are experienced at working alongside clients, operators and contractors to ensure works are compliant with the regulations. We liaise with the regulators before the works start to make sure that we all have the same expectations of the works, ensuring that compliance is achieved but wasted resource on over compliance is avoided. We work alongside teams to make sure that all of their method statements and risk assessments on approaches to decommissioning are compliant and meet relevant legislative requirements.  

Site closure plans and permit surrender

When closing a site and going into decommissioning it is necessary to submit a site closure plan to the regulators. Alongside this, once the site is closed the operator must surrender any permits back to the regulator, demonstrating compliance with permitted levels of pollution and contamination through the operations of the site. D3 Consulting provide support to clients on both site closure plans and permit surrenders, ensuring the process runs smoothly and no additional, unexpected costs are incurred during the process. 


If you'd like to discuss your requirements with on of the team, please do call the office on +44 (0)1803 840888.

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