D3 Consulting Launches Upgraded Waste Management Tool to Decommissioning Market

D3 Consulting has launched an upgraded version of its unique DecommissioningAssurance through Waste kNowledge (DAWN) system at this year’s Offshore Decommissioning Conference in St Andrews.

DAWN is the world’s only information management system for preparing materials inventories and managing waste throughout the decommissioning process, and has been specifically developed for offshore decommissioning to allow regulatory compliance to be a timely and simple process.

Following significant positive industry feedback, the system has recently been upgraded to include comprehensive waste management protocols.

Martin Bjerregaard, director of D3 Consulting, explains: “As the pace of decommissioning accelerates, D3 is increasingly required for offshore decommissioning planning projects. As operators transition into the implementation phase of decommissioning works, we realised that the addition of a complete suite of waste management protocols would be beneficial for clients already utilising DAWN.

“These waste management protocols have been embedded into the system and provide supply chain contractors with guidance for managing waste and materials during decontamination, dismantling, appropriate PPE, waste storage prior to dispatch and options for recycling, reusing and disposal of waste.”

D3 is typically involved at the front end planning and engineering phase of decommissioning projects and supports these operations with bespoke solutions for safe, regulatory compliant and cost effective operations.

Martin continued: “We’re excited to have created an industry standard for waste management in the offshore decommissioning market. D3 has already prepared materials inventories in DAWN for more than 40 platforms scheduled for decommissioning and we see great opportunities for the wider industry to adopt these waste management protocols for the safest, most effective and efficient decommissioning operations.”


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