DAWN: Materials and Waste Management in Offshore Decommissioning



is the world’s only online information management system for managing waste throughout the decommissioning process.

Developed by D3 Consulting, initially for the highly-regulated nuclear industry, DAWN has already been used in planning the decommissioning of more than 15 North Sea oil and gas platforms. As the pace of decommissioning hots up, the system promises to save the oil and gas industry time and money, as well as improving accuracy, reducing risk and helping to facilitate compliance.

Unlike traditional approaches, which rely on paper-based reports that are outdated almost as soon as they are published, DAWN is a live waste tracking system which keeps pace with the status of waste throughout the decommissioning process. Martin Bjerregaard of D3 Consulting says: “In the same way that you need stringent systems in place when you are producing oil and gas, you need stringent waste management systems when you are decommissioning. DAWN is a proven system that provides essential materials inventory and waste characterisation information. Due to the complexity and magnitude of data associated with decommissioning offshore platforms, it is almost impossible to manage the process effectively without DAWN.”

D3 Consulting is the world’s foremost experts in waste and materials management for offshore decommissioning, with more than 20 years’ hands-on experience.

In next week’s issue we will introduce some of the features and functions of DAWN. Contact Martin (+44 (0) 7969 725 418) for more information.


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