Offshore Decommissioning: Capturing the right waste data


Capture the right data at the right time

Moving from production into a decommissioning phase demands a shift in mindset for oil and gas companies. Rather than producing oil and gas, you are now, in effect, producing waste. However, you still need robust systems in place to safeguard your company’s reputation and comply with regulations.

Last week’s newsletter introduced DAWN (DECOMMISSIONING ASSURANCE THROUGH WASTE KNOWLEDGE), the world’s only online information management system for managing waste throughout the decommissioning process . This week, we look at some of the features that make it such an effective waste management system.

D3, which created DAWN, has more than 20 years’ decommissioning experience in the oil and gas, nuclear, and pharmaceutical industries, amongst others. As a result, it was able to design the system to capture exactly the right data at exactly the right time in the decommissioning process, based on detailed personal knowledge. DAWN has inbuilt waste management protocols which tell you exactly what information you need to capture and how to handle the waste in order to be regulatory compliant.

Martin Bjerregaard of D3 Consulting says: “Overcapturing data is inefficient and unnecessarily costly, while undercapturing data leaves you potentially exposed to risk. DAWN enables you to communicate exactly the right information to contractors at each stage of the decommissioning process, and enables you to track the progress of each item of waste throughout the whole supply chain. This is what we mean by assurance through waste knowledge.”

Next week, we will tell you more about how DAWN enables you to manage all of the contractors in your decommissioning supply chain and to know precisely where each piece of waste is in the process. Contact Martin (+44 (0) 7969 725 418) for more information.


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